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An Advanced Custom Frequency is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

What is it?

The Advanced Custom Frequency is rhythmic layered harmonically aligned frequencies composed to the 432 Hz system of brainwave & energy entrainment.

It is an encoded message channeled through me for you.

You will receive a personally designed mp3 that:

  • Targets and dissolves energetic interference
  • Harmonises all levels of your brainwaves
  • Balances your body’s energy

This will allow you to:

  • Release toxic energy
  • Gain mental & emotional clarity
  • Receive the vibrational information from Source that you need

This will show up for you as:

  • instantly feeling calm
  • experiencing yourself from a deeper place
  • Closer alignment to you true soul purpose

Instant connection made john I’m usually always being distracted by some bs.! My spirit guide was very present and showing itself moving to the waves loved it and I will do this again later thank you so much..

Shell Catherine

John does amazing work! He made one for me personally and I absolutely love it and it resonates so well with my soul. 

Kelsey Goble