🔴 🎧 Tune into the frequency of happiness, positivity, relaxation and focus. 💭

Use the energy of the Universe to solve your problems

Looking for a way to harmonize with your inner self? You’re not alone.

Finding the perfect frequency to raise your vibe and feel a sense of peace and tranquility is tough.

And we all know how hard it is to focus when you’re feeling over-stimulated by a busy schedule.

It can be tricky to find the best frequency combination for you..

A Basic Custom Frequency can help you get unstuck, support you in raising your energy vibration to be in alignment with your soul purpose, and assist you in accessing your higher self more easily.

This personalized audio tone uses a harmonic pulse to shift your brainwaves into a healing frequency using a specific carrier signal designed just for you.

This way you get thehighest frequency that works in harmony with your natural energy field.

These frequencies are specially designed for lightworkers, starseeds, empaths, Indigo & Crystal Children and generally for people who are ready to step into their own light and shine!

 I feel so much more connected to my soul and spiritual path now.

If you’ve been feeling exhausted and strung out because of all the emotions you’re taking on from people around you then it’s time to reclaim your energy.

You are very sensitive, spiritual and empathic.

And you need help dealing with that sensitivity.

The Basic Custom Frequency was created to help people like you to safely open your third eye and crown chakras.

I can help you align to the right frequencies.

Just click the button below and you’ll be shown a checkout form where you can order your frequency.

You will then receive an order confirmation email.

Once I receive your order, I will tune into your energy field and channel the frequency you need.

Then you’ll receive a second email with simple instructions on how to download and use your personal frequency.

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In Sacred Service,

John Bass

*Due to high demand please allow up to 28 days for delivery.