Transform your vibration by tuning into the 432Hz frequency of creation

Welcome to New Life Frequencies. I’m John Bass, brainwave expert, master healer and starseed. I help people return to natural brainwave patterns linked with higher states of consciousness.

My work is rooted in a deep understanding of our connection to nature and the Earth’s energy fields- also known as “chakras”. We are all star seeds on an evolutionary journey home- so my goal is always to guide you back down into your body where you can reconnect with your true self, experience inner peace, and create life balance.

Here you’ll find transformational 432hz sound therapy designed to heal your brainwaves by connecting them with harmonic vibrations of your energy centers through meditation or listening.

The way something sounds doesn’t have an explanation other than how our ear perceives it based on frequency waves. So when you hear music at 432 Hz, your brain cells start firing differently because they resonate with the patterns embedded within those frequencies; kind of like tuning forks!

The Power Of Sound

Since I can remember, sound and rhythm have given me a sense of wonder…

Through my life I have felt sensations that are impossible to explain.

I was always drawn towards spirituality because of these feelings and even though it wasn’t until later in life where things finally clicked for me, the answer is so simple: just be more conscious in everything you do!

So, I felt deep into my own soul for answers and all that was left in there were questions.

The waves of the universe told me to look deeper into myself, using frequencies to find the answers. The more questions I had, the deeper inside I went until everything made sense again.

As my true path unfolds before me the emotions of my soul purpose help guide me on a path of self discovery through the power of sound.

I always thought that I was just a person with a roof and bills to worry about, but now I am on my spiritual path. The voice of Love has guided me into the Light!

The spiritual journey is often painful as it can take a long time to undo the programming and conditioning that makes us more focused on our ego than what’s inside. We need only strip away all of this unnecessary junk in order for Light and Love to shine through, but we must first realize who we actually are.

This is my purpose, helping you remember who you truly are.

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