Chakra Delta Healing

Do you have trouble relaxing and re-energising your body and mind?

Do you always seem to feel tired and run down?

This is because you are not accessing the Delta state enough and your nervous system is weighed down with stuck energy that unless you deal with is going to remain misaligned and continuously drain your energy until you do something about it.

I know what that feels like, I get really run down until my body is screaming at me and I go into the delta state and totally unload my nervous system and flush out my energy field.

You need to unload your nervous system and I have created a simple 7 day program so you easily enter the delta state through each chakra which will support you in relaxing, rejuvenating and replenishing your energy so you effectively function through an improved perspective and energised mindset.

Each session is 30 minutes in length and tunes the energy of each chakra through a delta brainwave frequency to the crown chakra so you can replenish your true spiritual energy and feel absolutely wonderful.

Here’s the program overview:

⭕️ Day 1 : Root Delta
This frequency helps you release fears around security and survival.

? Day 2 : Sacral Delta
This frequency helps you release stuck emotions around pleasure and connection.

⭐️ Day 3 : Solar Plexus Delta
This frequency supports you in releasing blocks around manifesting your desires.

? Day 4 : Heart Delta
This frequency helps you let go of feelings of loneliness and codependency.

? Day 5 : Throat Delta
This frequency supports you in clearly communicating your choices and ideas.

? Day 6 : Third Eye Delta
This frequency helps you expand your imagination in positive ways.

? Day 7 : Crown Delta
This frequency helps you ground your spiritual insight through physical actions and results.

This 7 day program comfortably supports you as you release stuck energies from each chakra and totally unload your nervous so you can powerfully revitalise your energetic and physical systems.