Basic Custom Frequency

There’s an art to tuning your frequency, and I know it. Using the energy of the universe to support your intentions, my Basic Custom Frequency is a simple, 432Hz frequency coded to your energetic needs. With just one click, you can tune in and start living in alignment with your best self.

Soul Code Frequency

Soul Code Frequency is a new way to assess our spiritual potential. It’s a system that uses the human energy field to find and translate your Soul Code frequency into a customised brainwave frequency. If you’re ready to explore your own personal power, this is the tool for you.

Light Code Music

Experience a personal and unique 432Hz harmonic music experience with our light code music. Fall into a deep state of relaxation as your weary soul is bathed in the gentle sounds of the 432Hz tuning. Escape to a place where everything feels peaceful and pure.


You’re an explorer at heart. You love to explore new places, new ideas, and new people. And right now, the world is a pretty chaotic place. That’s why we created The Quantum Path Membership. You’ll get exclusive access to a set of channeled chakra audios to help you navigate the current energies. It can feel like you’re trying to sail in rough seas but with these tracks you’ll have a powerful vibrational anchor to keep your vibration aligned with your highest path.