432 Hz Custom Services

Energy balancing 432 Hz customised brainwave entrainment frequency sound and music to enhance your spiritual development journey.

Upon successful payment you will be taken to a Google form to specify your order.

Packages available

Custom Frequency

The custom frequency is an integration of two signals – one is audible and is referred to as the carrier signal and the other inaudible and is called the modulator; it’s a rhythm or pulse which affects the carrier signal. The modulator signal is what entrains the brain to the desired frequency your intuition has chosen when you fill out the order form.

Both the carrier and modulator frequencies correspond to colour vibrations on the light spectrum and therefore also align to the 7 internal human chakras.

The custom frequencies I channel and create are multidimensional vibrational keys that truly support those I serve in their soul evolution.

Brainwave Music

Using 432 Hz frequencies which are based on harmonic mathematics, multiple layers of carrier and modulator signals are musically arranged for maximum flow and beneficial effects.

Brainwave music addresses the fact that at any one point all brainwave frequencies are active although one frequency will be dominant. This technique is designed to bring them all into resonance and coherence.

Light Code Music

A channeled  432 Hz music meditation intuitively tailored to your energetic and spiritual needs, using the 432 Hz tuning system and chakra specific musical keys for optimum growth and development.

Powerful 5D music composed with the intention of dissolving negativity, dissonance and interference; bringing harmony, balance and alignment.