What if you could experience life more fully and deeply than ever before?

What if you had the ability to heal yourself with just your mind, body, and soul?

New Life Frequencies is a world class provider of consciousness shifting tools that allow people to do just that. We offer an extensive line of products for individuals who are ready to take their lives into their own hands. From healing music downloads to meditation videos, these resources can help anyone live a healthier, happier life!

Our mission is to awaken human consciousness through quantum frequency meditations, transformational practices, and other cutting edge technologies that promote self-development.

We started out with one goal: To make a difference in people’s lives through sound-based technologies that help them unlock their full potential and live healthier more fulfilled lives.

We believe that the world needs to shift to a higher frequency, and we’re determined to help make it happen through our products. Our team of experts carefully craft each product with divine intention, using their intuition as well as feedback from those who work with them.

Everyday spiritual awareness leads us to many miraculous experiences, but one in particular is what sparked John Bass’s passion for this type of practice. He was convinced that his life had been given a purpose and spent years studying the science of sound before finally launching New Life Frequencies he felt guided to create this company so that more people could heal themselves and raise their vibrations at the same time!

He was deep in meditation when he had a vision of what the world could be like if everyone was in a high vibrational state. It was a world of peace with no fear, hunger or disease. He knew this could come to be if people were willing and able raise their frequencies by using sound therapy tools that he would create!

A few years later after much hard work on his own healing journey as well intense research into the science behind how different sounds affect our bodies John finally discovered that a single frequency was the key to a whole system of ancient healing that he dubbed the “Master System”.

When he tested the frequencies on himself he was were able to clear emotional blocks that had been holding them back for years. As a result of this, John came some powerful tools he could share with the world.