Discover Your Soul Code And Awaken Your Vibe

Within each one of us lies a unique frequency, a source code vibration that determines our power and purpose in this lifetime. This ‘Soul Code’ can be found through working with the human energy field and it can be translated into a customised brainwave frequency.

This frequency is not normally found in nature or in traditional music, but has been scientifically designed through research, meditation, 432 Hz toning and geometry to have a powerful effect on your mind, energy field and spiritual growth.

All of us are on a quest to find what makes us feel alive and free.

And it can be hard to understand and find exactly what you need on your journey.

But, by using this frequency, you can tune into exactly what your soul needs to feel happy, positive, relaxed and focused.

The Soul Code Frequency is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Within seconds you’ll feel your energy shift, allowing you to reduce stress and anxiety, improving your cognitive ability.

This is a unique service that was designed especially to meet the needs of everyday people, including empaths and lightworkers, who feel the call to do something special in this world.

Your Vibration Makes a Difference

The Soul Code is a 432Hz brainwave audio session that shifts your brainwaves into a healing frequency using multiple carrier tones.

These multi-frequency carrier tones are mixed together to produce a single sound that will enter your brain at different speeds – synchronising your brainwaves; allowing you to harmonize with your soul’s spiritual energy.

The Custom Soul Code Frequency is a unique sound combination that resonates profoundly with you. It is encoded with the number 432 for the new frequency of Light and Consciousness that is your own soul’s destiny to achieve.

It is a simple one-on-one service that will help focus and clear your mind, energise your lightwork, and cancel out any negative feelings you may be struggling with.

The result is more harmony – with yourself and others. You get to connect more quickly with your Soul’s Purpose and live your life in alignment with who you really are.

I can help you attune to this frequency.

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Once I receive your order, I will tune into your energy field and channel the frequency you need.

Then you’ll receive a second email with simple instructions on how to download and use your personal frequency.

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In Sacred Service,

John Bass

*Due to high demand please allow up to 28 days for delivery.