Optimize Your Focus With Scientifically Designed Music That Automatically Increases Your Productivity

Control Your Mental State In Just 15 Minutes

How Does It Work?

This music is designed with specific frequencies that control the state of the brain. In particular Alpha frequencies between 8Hz and 16Hz.

Hz means cycles per second.

And in terms of the brain this is the rate at which the neurons should be firing whilst you are in state of flow.

More commonly known as being in “The Zone”

Where work is effortless.

It’s like when you experience time dilation where an hour felt like 5 minutes and “time flew by”.

Where you’re totally focused on a task at hand or captivated by something of extreme interest.

Wouldn’t it be cool if work felt this way?

As an Alpha Mind Member, Every month you get:

4 x Designer Alpha Mind Audio Sessions

This is music proven to 4x your focus.

This enhances your productivity because it puts your brain into a “flow state”.

Making you hyper-focused and more productive.

And when you sign up you don’t just get the music…

For those who find music distracting or for the audiophiles out there we have gone one further and every month…

You’ll get a fresh selection of pure alpha frequencies only for a concentrated effect.

Click SIGN UP NOW for $9.97 USD a month
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John Bass

Productivity Specialist & Sound Healing Expert