Custom Manifestation Meditation MP3

Do you struggle to manifest without fear or doubt creeping in?

Are you frustrated by ineffective manifestation techniques?

Would you like a solution tailored just for you?

I am offering to create you a personalised manifestation meditation that will:

  • Focus and channel your emotional energy so you can get what you want
  • Allow you to release any and all expectations and conditions so your higher self can synchronise the best experience possible
  • Amplify and broadcast your intention throughout your reality

When you order today you get a 30 minute MP3 featuring powerful 432 brainwave entrainment frequency music, hypnotic instructions and a special light language activation to fully support your manifestation intentions.

Usually you can expect to prices like $63, $77, $125 for a customised meditations of this type. This is not including the music which I would usually charge at least $40 for.

But, because you are my valued community of Spiritual Trailblazers and I want to make this affordable to you so and help you bring your dreams to life I am offering this to you for just $24

Click the button below to get started.

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