Epsilon Wave Sleep Music

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THIS, (like all the others I’ve heard so far) is transformative and profoundly moving… I am falling in love with each one, & I’m beyond grateful to John Bass for their creation. I have never slept better than when I listen to the heart chakra meditation one (I have suffered with periodic bouts of insomnia for years?), and now this one… ? I am speechless! It’s simple & delicious how it resonates in my ears, in my brain, & thru my whole body… it’s CALM on a whole new level. Thank you, my amazing and beautiful friend, for bringing these to us….your music is like a balm on an old wound, healing from the inside, out. ??♥️

Tara Marie

I used your Epsilon Wave to unlock a deep soul pain I needed healing that I was made aware of through searching my own Akashic records. I felt an unlocking of my heart chakra, where your musical waves had located it for me and I saw the soul damage I’d carried from a past life. (This is usually a need for forgiveness or acceptance that didn’t happen during that incarnation.) I felt and saw on a psychic level the soul damage repair and the hurt, disperse into the frequency of the tones you used. The tones carried it away into the light of the higher realms and continued to fill the part in me that needed healing until contentment and inner peace.

Josie Jo Blackwood

I have been sleeping to this the last few nights and it is by far the best thing ever! I created this music and today I felt compelled to share it with you!

John Bass

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