Thanks For Confirming

Read below for instruction on how to get the most out of this meditation.

Hi there you Divine Being!

A warm welcome from me and congratulations on receiving your new heart chakra meditation mp3. This mp3 had been designed, composed and produced to bring you into perfect alignment and balance with your heart energy.

Use this mp3 to meditate anytime you wish. Some tips from my own experience:

  • Consistent practice leads to best results
  • Set aside 30 minutes preferable everyday to use this meditation
  • Listen with your eyes open or closed with or without headphones

Whilst listening just allow your energy to adjust to the music, rhythm and the frequencies.

A key to the process is to allow yourself to feel into your own experience so you can better know and understand yourself – the only way this can happen is when you still your body and mind and just listen to your spirit. This is the true purpose of my 432Hz music.

So please, I really do hope you enjoy your mp3 and I would absolutely love for you to hit reply to let me know how it went for you!

My email is

All my love you Beautiful Soul
John Bass