What I Learned From My Twin Flame Breaking My Heart ?

Out of all the things that have happened to me, the most transformative was when my twin flame broke up with me.

It was devastating, and I thought I might never recover.

This incident, however, is also very indicative of the high vibe nature of my work with frequencies & music, because, not only did I recover… I’m thriving.

And I have my work to thank for it.

Our spiritual connection was SO intense and deep

It really felt like like she had ripped a piece of me away…

Speaking energetically, she had.

I was SO in love with her.

I wanted to give her EVERYTHING!

I’m sure you know what that feels like, right?

That feeling of being TOTALLY intertwined with someone.

She had become part of me, and I of her.

We met online and QUICKLY developed intense feelings for each other. It was a connection on the soul level.

Then she HEARTLESSLY ended it.

I literally felt like the air had been sucked out the room…out of every room I entered.

I felt so abandoned, so DISTRAUGHT – I couldn’t function.

Every day was empty and meaningless.

I was lost without her.

Never in my life had I felt this way.

The way I felt when I was with her was out of this world, a cosmic bond…

Then suddenly, the feeling was gone.

She was gone.

My eyes glazed over as she explained she didn’t want me anymore.

I was numb.

Heart ? Broken

I dwelled on feelings of rejection and unworthiness for what felt like an eternity (it was about three weeks).

I was lucky, though.

I know what you’re thinking. HOW on Earth was being dumped “lucky?

Well, I personally know people who BRUTALLY suffer at the hands of their twin flames, even after their relationships end.

This music I’ve been creating for years…

My healing frequencies – saved me. LITERALLY.

I was in pieces, and I had no idea how to put myself back together.

Psychologically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually.

She meant the WORLD to me.

She WAS my world.

Our connection was AMAZING.

I was sure no other couple on Earth had ever felt so…well, ONE.

And then, where I felt connected to her there was a hole.

A cold void where I just felt empty and unsupported.

So, I started meditating deeper than ever before.

At first, it was excruciating. I had to force myself to sit and just BE. All I could think was that I wanted to survive this.

I turned to what I knew.

I turned to my music.

I designed enhanced frequencies that could breakthrough the negativity.

The rejection.

The music I created magnetically pulled my energy back into alignment, and did it very quickly.

It was an EXTREMELY painful process.

I trusted the frequencies and my ability to design the ones I needed the most.

This was the ACID test.

Could my frequencies help me overcome the single worst traumatic event of my life?

Could something as simple as tones, pure sound, put me back together?

Could 432 Hz music heal my broken heart and bring peace to my grieving mind?

I would soon find out.

I set out to create possibly the most powerful frequencies I have ever created, even now – which, by the way, I have not yet released, because of their intensity.

I had almost finished working the frequencies when disaster struck at my heart yet again…

I was walking out of a coffee shop where I had been working on my frequencies, when I heard the WORST sound possible.

The sound of my laptop smashing against the hard concrete.

I hadn’t been paying attention and forgot to zip my bag.

It slipped out as I walked through the doors.

My whole livelihood was on that laptop.

So, now I had no way of earning money. My finances were in ruins – I had manifested dropping my laptop onto the pavement – it was broken  – I had no way of making money without it!

I was angry. I was upset.

I felt lost all over again.

But, I remembered I did have one thing.

I had loaded most of the healing programs onto my iPhone.

This was a sign.

One of those special signs.

You know, the kind of signal telling you to focus within.

I found a computer repair shop that would fix my computer, and let me pay in installments, AND they would let me use it WHILE I paid them back.

Very kind of them, indeed.

The universe is ALWAYS smiling!

Even through the heavy fog of my emotional damage, I saw this as a clear sign to take time for me and use the frequencies on my trusty iPhone to realign my energy at any cost.

It was time for the ultimate test of my frequencies.

I intuitively sketched out a program of what I intended to do, and began the most painful task of my life.

Over the next few weeks, I listened to the frequencies, over and over, and over, and every time I thought that I had broken through the last layer of negative thought patterns, the frequencies jackhammered through and pierced through to me, revealing more pain, fear and shame I was holding onto inside.

But I didn’t stop.

I knew that if I just kept going, I would eventually come out the other side of the dark tunnel, and emerge into the sunshine.

But, each frequency plunged me deeper.

They took me places inside myself I didn’t want to go.

But I made a conscious decision to act, in spite of my trepidation.

And began willingly facing the fear.

Diving deeper into myself than ever before.

All the ugly truths, the insidious lies I had allowed myself to believe.

It was these lies that were the cause of my pain, not being dumped by the one I loved.

Gradually, with each session, I began to literally feel the load I was carrying, lighten.

I was feeling less physically heavy, not as weighed down.

I realized just how much I had been carrying throughout my life, long before I ever met my twin flame.

Everything was coming to the surface, and I was becoming able to transform and release the negativity I had been plagued with faster and easier than ever before.

As I followed my plan of using a system of progressive frequencies…

The process became painless.

It became effortless. It became a joy.

I was back.

But I wasn’t my old usual self.

I was renewed.

This was a true revelation for two significant reasons.

Number 1: My frequencies worked.

I’m no longer the person everyone else had told me to be. I was so much more. Even my twin flame had never seen me for who I truly was – she just saw who she wanted me to be, who she had taught me to be.

But, I was also blessed with an insightful and energizing thought:

Number 2: If they worked for me –
they can work for you, too.

So, while the set of frequencies I used are as yet unreleased (maybe I’ll unleash them on the world someday, maybe I won’t), I am able to create one-of-a-kind, custom audios that will support your emotional and spiritual healing in a BIG WAY as you transcend old patterns, negative beliefs and trauma.

I healed myself, because I KNEW I had a big mission, I knew I was meant to do big things. YOU are meant to do big things, too. YOU are meant to help humanity with your unique gifts. Let me help you heal the traumas keeping you from truly sharing your gifts with the world. Let me show you how powerful music can be.

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