432Hz For Light Work

Are you an energy practitioner / lightworker?

Are you looking for a simple way to enhance your energy?

Did you know that there is an easy solution?

Introducing… 432Hz Music For Light Work.

432 Hz Music For Light Work is Transformative Music for all Lightworkers, Sound Healers, Reiki Masters and Massage Practitioners as well as for Channels who want to communicate with soul family.

Finally, music that increases healing potential for your clients whilst leaving you feeling grounded too.

All the lightworkers I’ve worked with gave feedback one of the most frustrating parts of being a lightworker and practitioner is choosing the right music for their sessions.

And having a way to stay grounded by the end of a session!

Now your can support your clients in the right way.

No need to worry about sourcing music for your business any longer!

Are you curious to know what all the fuss is about?

432 Hz Brainwave Music that’s designed specifically for:

  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Light Workers
  • and other Healing Modalities.

A total of 7 tracks as MP3 files set in 432 Hz to choose from based on what you’re healing!

  • Customised specifically for Chakra alignments and energy attunements.
  • Channel more effectively and align intuition.
  • Currently all tracks are 60 Minute sessions.
  • (Enquire for a customised track length for your business now).

This music was channeled with the specific intention of:

  • Enhancing Reiki and other forms of healing energy
  • Bringing about feelings of calm and a sense of balance
  • Learning to trust in your own spiritual gifts
  • Creating an atmosphere of relaxation and peace
  • To support both you and your client throughout your energy work session.

What’s on offer?

For a one time payment of $48 you get 7 432Hz Quantum Healing MP3s

The Lightworkers 432Hz Quantum Healing Audio MP3’s Bundle Includes:

  • Earth Connection: Root
  • Sensual Light: Sacral
  • Sun Salutation: Solar Plexus
  • Heartfelt Depth: Heart
  • Divine Truth: Throat
  • The Seer: Third Eye
  • Trust & Belief: Crown
  • Plus secret bonus tracks!
  • Each track is normally valued at $40 individually.
  • Total Value: $280

You get all this for only $48

That’s over 80% off!

Hear what our raving fans say!

Some people are just so beyond talented in what they do, my dear friend John Bass Live is one of them ?
He have this chilling ability with frequency and how it effects us body, mind and spirit, how it can help you to heal and unlock part of your self you might not know existed ✨
This earth is blessed to have you ??
And I am blessed to know you ?❤

Freja Stella Nilsson

THIS, (like all the others I’ve heard so far) is transformative and profoundly moving… I am falling in love with each one, & I’m beyond grateful to John Bass for their creation. I have never slept better than when I listen to the heart chakra meditation one (I have suffered with periodic bouts of insomnia for years?), and now this one… ? I am speechless! It’s simple & delicious how it resonates in my ears, in my brain, & thru my whole body… it’s CALM on a whole new level. Thank you, my amazing and beautiful friend, for bringing these to us….your music is like a balm on an old wound, healing from the inside, out. ??♥️

Tara Marie

I listened to your music via email this morning three times . It is pure brilliance. I think that it’s great that you don’t emphasize your own intent. I listen to a lot of tones and yours have by far been the best I’ve heard.
It’s great for programming one’s mind.

Larry Lee King

Interested to know WHY these tracks are so powerful?

This quantum healing music is designed using harmonic mathematics & geometric principles to nourish the body with perfectly aligned sonic frequencies.

Everything around you is made from geometry, even your DNA. This music is designed to reflect this perfect symmetry back into your body, your awareness, your consciousness.

To get this now click the button below.

** Strictly no refunds as they are a digital products.
As with all healing please confirm with your clients that binaural beats / brain entrainment products are suitable for them as sound healing is rather powerful.

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