Custom frequencies have been described as multidimensional vibrational keys that have the purpose to truly support the soul’s evolution.

What are they?

They are an integration of two harmonic signals that facilitate access to deeper soul energies.

Your custom frequency aligns you to:

  • Your true vibrational essence
  • Your original soul power
  • To open up higher dimensions of consciousness

In the real world this enables people to:

  • Connect with their honest selves so that they can say no with love.
  • Find the boundaries more easily for yourself to create healthier relationships.
  • Increase your overall energetic resonance so that daily stress impacts you less frequently.
  • Say yes to that which serves you because it feels aligned with you now.

My custom frequency is absolutely incredible, John! I started listening the first time and thought I might just do a few minutes and work up to doing the whole thing, just cuz I knew it would be intense, and when I felt it had been about 10 mins, I checked the time and it had been more than 25! I definitely “went” somewhere! So great! Thank you so much, I felt just fabulous today, better than I have in a long time!

Join our beautiful 432Hz community on our path of self realisation. Go ahead and complete your order now.

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John does amazing work! He made one for me personally and I absolutely love it and it resonates so well with my soul. ❤️❤️

Some people are just so beyond talented in what they do, my dear friend John Bass Live is one of them ?
He have this chilling ability with frequency and how it effects us body, mind and spirit, how it can help you to heal and unlock part of your self you might not know existed ✨
This earth is blessed to have you ??
And I am blessed to know you ?❤