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QFT Introduction – Module 0

What Is Reality – Module 1.0

The Structure Of The Ego – Module 2.0

The Brain – Module 2.1

Definitions & Beliefs – Module 3.0

The Reality Feedback Loop – Module 3.1

Negative Belief Systems – Module 3.2

Definitions – Module 3.3

Synchronicity – Module 3.4

The Pitfalls – Module 4.0

Letting Go – Module 4.1

The Quantum Freedom Formula – Module 5

Life Purpose – Module 6

Applying A Growth Mindset – Module 7

Imagination & Excitement – Module 8

Introduction To QFT – Module 9.0

The Manifestation Process – Module 9.1

The Structure Of QFT – Module 9.2

All Quantum Freedom Techniques are based on the same process:

  1. Imagine = Mental
  2. Feel = Emotional
  3. Act = Physical
  • Think It → Feel It → Action It!
  • Thinking → Feeling → Action

First, you have to be that vibration/energy.

Then, you automatically experience that reality.

The Quantum Freedom Technique – Module 9.3

The Quantum Freedom Technique Step by Step
  1. Imagine having the thing you want. – Experiencing it in your reality.
  2. Ask yourself “what does the energy of this intention feel like?”
  3. Using your imagination, amplify the energy until it is focused and intense.
  4. Release the energy to your higher self along with any conditions and expectations of how it should manifest.
  5. Act on the excitement of that intention. (this includes LOGICAL steps)

This is the technique that I have found to be most powerfully effective.

It’s deceptively simple…

DO NOT let it’s simplicity fool you.

The Positive Belief Technique – Module 9.4

The Positive Belief Technique Step by Step
  1. Get a clear Vision or Intention of what you would like your preferred reality (your preferred life) to be like.
  2. What would be the beliefs of someone already experiencing precisely this Reality?
  3. Adopt and act on those Beliefs:
    1. Feel the way someone would feel that is already experiencing this preferred reality.
    2. Think the way someone would think that is already experiencing this preferred reality.
    3. Act the way someone would act that is already experiencing this preferred reality.
  4. If reflections occur that contradict these beliefs realise that there are still negative beliefs active that you can simply change and continue acting on the positive beliefs that support your prefered reality.

The ‘Your Best Self’ Technique – Module 9.5

The ‘Your Best Self’ Technique Step by Step
  1. Imagine the Very Best Version of Yourself
  2. Put this “ideal you” into this preferred reality situation.
  3. In your imagination, watch how the ideal you feels, thinks, and acts in this preferred Reality situation.
  4. Simply COPY that behavior:
    1. Feel the way the “ideal you” is feeling in this preferred Reality situation.
    2. Think the way the “ideal you”is thinking in this preferred Reality situation
    3. Act the way the “ideal you” is acting in this preferred Reality situation.
  5. It’s important to tell your physical body to ACT this way
  6. How would you stand, breathe, walk, talk, move??? You are literally telling your nervous system the story of this preferred reality.

The 123 Technique – Module 9.6

The 123 Technique Step by Step
  1. You create the most vivid representation of what you want, that you can. Get really excited about it. What REALLY EXCITES YOU?!
  2. You GIVE that visualization and that excited state of being to your Higher Mind.
  3. Then, you TOTALLY LET-GO of any need, that it manifest in the form you were visualizing and you act on this excited state!

The Maverick Technique – Module 9.7

The Maverick Technique Step by Step
  1. You skip the bit where you visualise or imagine
  2. and go straight for summoning the energy of something really exciting
  3. You then amplify it and let it go
  4. You intuitively ACT from this ENERGISED state!

Release & Surrender – Module 9.8

Bonus Resources – Module 9.9

Gamma Wave Manifestation Program

Gamma Wave Program Instructions:

Hello and welcome to Quantum Freedom: Gamma Waves For Manifestation.

Thank you for purchasing this extremely powerful and intuitive program!

This is your audio entrainment guide.  

The way you use Quantum Freedom: Gamma Waves For Manifestation is as follows:

**No Driving / Operating Machinery Whilst Using ANY Of These Audios**

Please Read ALL Instructions BEFORE Using The Program

General instructions for the audios

  • Adopt a sitting or lying position – make yourself comfortable
  • Listen to the audio ideally through good headphones/speakers
  • Listen with an open mind and be kind and patient with yourself
  • As you’re listening, and beginning to relax, subtly focus on your body
  • Your body will know how to respond, trust in your natural intelligence
  • If you feel discomfort just accept it and allow the sound to guide you
  • It’s perfectly OK to fall asleep during a session!
  • Use a program a week and then progress to the next audio starting with 1 Unlock Gamma

Each track has been designed to intuitively increase the vibration of your brain. Please make yourself comfortable, ensure you will not be disturbed and allow yourself the space to subtly focus your attention on the sounds you’re hearing as they work on a subconscious level.

Use this music after each session to ground yourself:

Week by Week Guide


Week 1 – Unlock a creative state of being

Unlocks a creative state of being so you can create solutions to issues preventing your power of manifestation from being fully expressed


Week 2 – Explore your connection to being.

Creates a vibration in your brain that naturally allows you to feel into your heart space energy and begin to ground this energy into your physical experience so you get a better sense of who you are and where your higher self is leading and guiding you for maximum life satisfaction.  


Week 3 – Access your true manifestation power

Week 3 is where the rubber hits the road. The gamma wave vibrations tap into your heart’s manifestation energy. These powerful waves also resonate with your third eye so you can begin to clearly, intuitively and easily perceive your goals.


Week 4 – Awaken your natural intelligence

Up to this point we have shaken the negativity out of your brain like a fast spinning washing machine! Now is the time to fine tune your consciousness so you can eloquently embody and express your newly found energy. Power is nothing without intelligence guiding it. This week is all about becoming more conscious of your manifestation power so you can use it wisely to create the life you deeply desire at the heart and soul level.


Week 5 – Act On Your Highest Excitement

So now you are in tune with your manifestation energy and you know what to do with. The next step? Action. This weeks Gamma waves are all about tapping into your motivation, discipline and action taking so you can get where YOU want to be in life!


Week 6 – Lead yourself in moving forward

The final week Gamma waves crystallize the neural pathways in the brain to keep you on course for your manifestation goals, you are actioning your vision everyday; acting on and supporting your highest excitement. You are rooted in your purpose and fearlessly moving forward!

Chakra Alignment Custom Frequencies


Root Chakra

This frequency helps you feel safe and secure in your ability to manifest and experience the life you want


Sacral Chakra

Use this frequency to emotionally connect with and supercharge your intention and excitedly act on it.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Use this frequency to empower your own decision making acting in spite of your fears and independent of other people’s judgements.


Heart Chakra

Align your heart, mind and soul so you can smoothly & effortlessly manifest your highest excitement and deepest held desires.


Throat Chakra

Use this frequency to help you express what you want to do; speaking your heartfelt truth and allow your expression to guide you in the direction of your joy.


Third Eye Chakra

Use this frequency to powerfully energize your imagination so you can clearly imagine what you intend to manifest into your physical experience.


Crown Chakra

Feel your connection to infinite oneness using this frequency so you can align with the natural flowing synchronicity of the universe.