Listening Instructions:

Play each audio at a soft volume.

As you listen, focus on the sound without analysing it.

Breathe slowly and allow your body to relax.

Along with breathing, gently focus on your energetic field.

Don’t force anything.

If part of your energy or your body feels tense allow it to be as it is.

This attitude allows for the natural release of energetic blockages.

It’s most important that you allow yourself and your body to feel whatever comes up; thoughts, emotions, memories, some of which could be unhappy and unpleasant.

Let them pass through your awareness as the sound vibration helps you release them.

I hope you enjoy the frequencies and the music as much as I enjoyed making them.

Track #1

Track #2

Track #3

Basic Frequency #1

Basic Frequency #2

Advanced Frequency #1

Advanced Frequency #2