Personalized Spirit
Guide Frequency

Are you ready to get a sense for who you are beyond your physical experience?

Connect with your spirit guides through a personally designed frequency to suit your exact energetic needs.

This frequency:

1. Synchronises your brain frequency to the gamma state which is the optimal state for channeling so you can connect with your guides faster and easier with more power and clarity than ever before

2. Increases your total vibration so you can act on the insights and intuition you become aware of from communicating with your guides

3. Surgically neutralizes negative interfering energy so you can safely and easily release fears and doubts around connecting with your guides

For just $120 you get a specifically designed 30 minute mp3 that will attune your vibrational energy so you can communicate with your guides.

Are you ready to feel more connected to your soul family?

Are you ready to act on your highest excitement?

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