Wendy Lou – Music For Lightworkers Customer and Private Client

John did send me the gamma waves, as humans we have all belief systems running our reality .
And once in a while they entering also my own field . I have the tools to simply go inside and be silent. But as I love John his work since day one , I want to write from out of my consciousness what I felt when listening to those sound waves.
It was loud when starting … but after 2,5 min I surrendered , my heart ( source creative center) as I call that spot in the center of my chest , was emanating energy in its full force.
Showing me that , even knowing my own frequency of balanced love / source energy, was been holding back due to my minds / programs …. that program what once in a while is so up there …. to self sabotage instead of just jumping into the unknown.
After 15 min listening to Johns gamma frequency waves I felt a shift …. and the feel of all my cells and DNA where running the remembrance of my knowledge of the 12 DNA strands.
I embodied in this physical body that I chose to live in ….
I felt complete and the joy and compassion I have for self and for all living things.
John this is a very powerful pineal gland activation, and cleans of the mental body , and would be best received with the proper understanding of how the body mind and energy layers function.
How sounds and frequency are the new energy medicine in this evolution , and how we can grow as species into a full sovereign proper working vehicle.
Thank you John for being here , and thank you for handing me the gamma waves … so I felt my truth and wisdom has value …. and the program fades away …..
♥️to♥️ Danah with gratitude for your gift ????

Danah Monique Bosch

John sent an interesting gamma wave to me. This at first was a shock to the ears. Then strange pictures and feelings. Seen sound waves, and the left hand side of face twitched. Further in picked up what sounded like a phone alarm going off, in my right ear. Thank you John a lovely experience with the sound

Fiona Delaney

John Bass is amazing. I received a channeling from him and have taken over a week to truly appreciate the gift I was given. I went in a bit nervous and he took the time to fully explain the process, what to expect and what I could do to make the most of the experience.
I am humbled and in awe of what John did and was surprised at how deeply it resonated. John was completely invested in the experience and my well being.
The follow up call to check in on me was another example of how much he respects his gift and truly cares about the people he works with.
Thank you John. This experience has awakened something inside me and I am truly grateful. So blessed that our paths have crossed.

Susan Crawford

Hey mate just wanted to let you know that I love you brother ❤️❤️ been listening to your healing heart tracks now for the past 5 days and to begin with it brought up a lot of s@$t but now day five it’s healing.

Dee Low Pez

AMAZING! John has just about any type of frequency for any occasion, his compositions shows his creativity as well as his divine connection to the higher realms when channeling these masterpieces. I will definitely continue coming to John for more and I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY recommend him if you’re looking for FRESH, TOP-NOTCH frequencies however you would use them. John also does custom frequencies depending on your needs, so please check him out.

Sean Michael Cruz

John Bass Live : I am glad that you explained what 432 is…I was told by a friend (David Musial) that music is mathematics…I hate to say that I never really thought about it…He was interested in my Son to become one of his students. One of the first things he asked me is: Does your son like math…(My son’s favorite subject) He explained that music is mathematics so he finds that his best students when asked what is their favorite subject is, It usually is math This is where I first understood that it was mathematical. I really do not know that much about it so the information is of great help ? I tell a lot of people about your meditation music. Because I really believe it is special…you truly do feel different…after meditating to it. You have helped me clarify when telling people what makes it different. Thank you John❤

Angela Fonseca

As I have had the Personal Pleasure of working with you and along side you…I can vouch that your frequency music is simply stunning. 
My first encounter cleared my sinuses! The Lightworkers package is supporting my evolution.
The highest of fives my dear brother from another mother!❤?????

Louise Fox

I used your Epsilon Wave to unlock a deep soul pain I needed healing that I was made aware of through searching my own Akashic records. I felt an unlocking of my heart chakra, where your musical waves had located it for me and I saw the soul damage I’d carried from a past life. (This is usually a need for forgiveness or acceptance that didn’t happen during that incarnation.) I felt and saw on a psychic level the soul damage repair and the hurt, disperse into the frequency of the tones you used. The tones carried it away into the light of the higher realms and continued to fill the part in me that needed healing until contentment and inner peace.

Josie Jo Blackwood

THIS, (like all the others I’ve heard so far) is transformative and profoundly moving… I am falling in love with each one, & I’m beyond grateful to John Bass for their creation. I have never slept better than when I listen to the heart chakra meditation one (I have suffered with periodic bouts of insomnia for years?), and now this one… ? I am speechless! It’s simple & delicious how it resonates in my ears, in my brain, & thru my whole body… it’s CALM on a whole new level. Thank you, my amazing and beautiful friend, for bringing these to us….your music is like a balm on an old wound, healing from the inside, out. ??♥️

Tara Marie

That was ahhhhmazing!!! Omgosh! I am still vibrating extensively! Wow! It too my breath away! ?❤️? thank you for sharing with me! I am in love with it! ?❤️ While listening to it I could see the layers pulled together and being healed! It was amazing the clarity I got! And the melody that my crystal responded with too was intense!
I’m in awe…

Kelsey Goble

Your music is life!

Kalamena White

My custom frequency is absolutely incredible, John! I started listening the first time and thought I might just do a few minutes and work up to doing the whole thing, just cuz I knew it would be intense, and when I felt it had been about 10 mins, I checked the time and it had been more than 25! I definitely “went” somewhere! So great! Thank you so much, I felt just fabulous today, better than I have in a long time!

Wendy Lou

✨✨So last night I did a very special meditation with 17 lemurian seeds! A very special song was made just for lemurian seeds and they picked the song! They asked for certain things and once it was finished… wow… those stones had a mission and I don’t think I was fully prepared for what they needed ? these stones SANG… and I mean the tones they sang were incredible… it was nothing like he songs tones, it was a melody to call in the energy from its surrounding seeds… each stone Sang a different octave and tone. They were speaking to each other by song…. something I’ve not witnessed first hand. Not to the magnitude of it taking over and fully realigning my body as the crystals did themselves. I’m in total awe with what I saw and felt during this deep meditation. ✨✨
Thank you so much John Bass Live for all you do and making INCREDIBLE music to help us all! If you’re into binaural tones or music to raise your frequency, John is your man! His music is hands down AMAZING! You can feel the love he pours into his work and it truly shows while listening.

Alex Christine

I listened to your music via email this morning three times . It is pure brilliance. I think that it’s great that you don’t emphasize your own intent . I listen to a lot of tones and yours have by far been the best I’ve heard

It’s great for programming one’s mind.

Larry Lee King

Some people are just so beyond talented in what they do, my dear friend John Bass Live is one of them ?
He have this chilling ability with frequency and how it effects us body, mind and spirit, how it can help you to heal and unlock part of your self you might not know existed ✨
This earth is blessed to have you ??
And I am blessed to know you ?❤

Freja Stella Nilsson

Hey brother, I just experienced your sacral healing tones. It was A-MAZIMG. Thank you so much I can still feel the energy moving and clearing.

Larry Lee King

Instant connection made john I’m usually always being distracted by some bs.! My spirit guide was very present and showing itself moving to the waves loved it and I will do this again later thank you so much..?

Shell Catherine

I’d love the Divine Feminine meditation! Thank you! Your heart chakra one knocks my on my ass every time, in a good way!

Wendy Lou

If anyone is interested in receiving these meditations via email from New Life Frequencies…please contact John directly. You won’t be sorry you did! ?

Jessica Mumaw

Just listened to an amazing 30 minute Root Chakra 432 Hz music meditation created by John Bass Live and it was so beautiful and healing. John has also personally worked with me on connecting with my higher consciousness and addressing blocks…he truly has an amazing gift! I will recommend him to everyone! ?

Jessica Mumaw

John does amazing work! He made one for me personally and I absolutely love it and it resonates so well with my soul. ❤️❤️

Kelsey Goble

Your frequency you sent me is AHHHHMAZING! It resonated so much with my soul. The vibrations and clarity I got from listening to it makes me want to listen to it all day! Love to you my soul brother! ❤️❤️❤️

Kelsey Goble

John Bass Live Your music is beautiful so calming, I’ll make sure to listen to it every morning…… Good Job


John the personalized high vibrational music that you created for my Third Eye chakra is pure brilliance. The vibrations opened and cleared my brow. It brought the perception of my intuition to a whole new awareness. I am truly grateful for your work. Thank you! ❤️

Larry Lee King

John’s frequencies help with all types of things anxiety, depression, bi polar, arthritis, and anything else that you might have…. I know, because I have these things wrong with me and it helps and is continuing to help me every day…. I have come a long way from where I was with John’s frequencies and am really grateful of all his help that he has given me to help improve my living…. Thanks John….

Amy Fraggles Larson

I have had bad anxiety in my stomach for nearly two months. The solar plexus healing by John Bass made me feel calmness in my stomach for the first time in weeks. I listened to it before I went to bed, and drifted off with a peace in my mind and body that I had been missing. I woke up feeling much the same. I have listened to other music meditations and there’s just something about this one, I can feel it working as it clears away bad energy. I will be listening to it again and again.

April Sylva

Would love introduce you to John Bass Live.
He has been called to create 432Hz music, which as you know is a life changing frequency.

I tuned into John’s work just before Christmas. 

And here’s the “miracle/synchronistic” thing.
I had just left my job, had gone down with “the flu” (energetic clearing) And had been feeling shattered, unsettled, under pressure (collective stuff as well as my own)

 By some crazily wonderful “coincidence ” I awoke in the early hours and decided to see what you guys were up to whilst I had been asleep (time zones)

John was sharing a track which felt pretty hard core and as I have been fascinate with all manner of mediums with regards to dealing with the subconscious, I stuck it out and relaxed into the wave.

Within minutes my sinuses cleared. My head cleared! Like when you pop out of the fog…I messaged John to let him know what his creation was doing for me. 

He of course was delighted.

However, what John didn’t know was that some weeks before I had been having a conversation with my eldest daughter who was suggesting I should make an album of LL messages. I said to her that I would love to do that but would prefer to do it to some frequency music. I said that I didn’t know anyone who did this…she replied…Not yet Mum!

 I had to laugh cos the story of our lives is unfolding all the time…

I connected with John face to face…what a lovely human being. Sincere, passionate, committed, gifted, funny, dedicated.

If you love allowing yourself to go on journeys(meditations) that takes you out of your head and into the arms of the Divine, taste and see that this is GOOD, it’s VERY VERY GOOD.

Dr Moto proved that the geometric structure of water changes when sound of varying frequencies are played..for better, for worse!
It makes sense to support the waters within us to function at their best.

 Understanding the importance and significance of sound and our well being is a great demonstration of self love, self knowledge and experience with ALL THAT IS.

I’m definitely into supporting those who are ready to shine their light in ways they haven’t done so far…even as I too stand on this threshold…our Highest Self is calling ALL of us to step into the light that we are…support is always given on the way.

 John is stepping into his light…share his work with someone you know might need a “little help from a friend!”

Just purchased these myself. So many tracks for a really fantastic price. ❤❤❤
Thank you for your generosity John. 

Louise FoxA